Cures for Plantar Fasciitis

Is There a Plantar Fasciitis Treatment That Works?

Plantar Fasciitis is usually very painful and can really make your life miserable. It is often caused by the inflammation of the tendon that connects your heel bone to your toes, known as the plantar fascia, which results in severe pain in your heel, and sometimes the entire foot. It could render you unable to walk for days, and sometimes for weeks. At this point, it is necessary for you to find out about cures for plantar fasciitis in order to overcome this problem and try to get back to living a normal life.

Modern Cures for Plantar Fasciitis

There are several different types of treatments available, both in an eastern and western way. In a general sense, as this foot condition is brought about by the inflammation of the plantar fascia, the simplest solution to this problem is to decrease the swelling of the area. This is possible by resting your feet, or perhaps applying ice on your feet so as to stop the inflammation or swelling.

There are also specific exercises that can be done which may be enough for some patients to get relief from this condition. Stretches are also known as a cure for some, but it is necessary to take note that the exercises and stretches must not stress the area of inflammation so as not to worsen its situation.

Along with the exercises, stretches have been known to help. They should be started first thing in the morning, even while still in bed if possible, and repeated throughout the day.These should help with keeping the ligament stretched and help towards accomplishing the goal of avoiding those painful first steps of the morning before the fascia loosens up.

Making it on the list of  treatments are orthotics shoe inserts and/or a night splint. Wearing the splint at night avoids the tightening of the muscles and tendons in your foot, and allowing them to rest in the proper position. Even bending the foot too much in your sleep can contribute to the swelling.

The splint for plantar fasciitis is sometimes described as a brace that is attached from your lower leg down to your foot, so as to stretch the foot ligament. The shoe inserts, on the other hand, are used in the daytime to let you resume your daily activities without stressing your heel tendons.

Orthotic shoe inserts are also helpful because they tend to correct any misalignment that you may have in your foot, which could have been the cause for getting this foot ailment in the first place. Using these can help reduce the pain in heel, and also give support to the ligament.

There are also more scientific cures for plantar fasciitis. The most basic one is oral medication, such as taking anti inflammatory pills. This is because since the plantar fascia is swelling, taking anti inflammatory pills will help. Always check with your doctor first about whether this is a suitable treatment for you and for proper dosage.

Medication through injections may also be considered, which are often combined with a local anesthetic. It may either provide temporary or permanent relief, according to the medicine that will be introduced to the body.

Patients suffering with a severe case of  this foot condition and wishing to be pain free once and for all, may at some point even consider plantars fasciitis surgery, especially if complications begin to arise, although unfortunately it is not guaranteed that will be the final cure that they’re desiring.

Traditional Cures for Plantar Fasciitis

Of course, there are also traditional cures for plantar fasciitis. The most famous type of cure is acupuncture, where the pressure points in the heel are attacked. Various studies prove the effectiveness of acupuncture as one of the cures for plantar fasciitis, along with its effective contribution in reducing the pain you would feel.

Taking Vitamin C and Zinc everyday are also effective home remedies. It is because Vitamin C is known to help repair damaged tissues in the body. Apart from these two, there are also plenty of nutrients that may help improve the condition.

There are more cures for plantar fasciitis still waiting to be discovered by those suffering from this painful foot condition. As you consider which may be the proper treatment that’s perfect for your condition, always make sure that they are safe and guaranteed effective by medical professionals before pushing through. Make a thorough research on the said treatment and know its effectiveness to guarantee that as you go through it, that neither your time nor money will be wasted.

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